NOT MY CUP OF TEA by SARAH MAPLE by Vika Nightingale

British artist Sarah Maple presented her new exhibition called "Not My Cup of Tea" at New Art Exchange gallery this August. It was a pleasure to be photographing it. 

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SUPERHERO SATURDAY - Photography Day by Vika Nightingale

Superheroes Saturday event at New Art Exchange, Nottingham. 

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"Cause and Effect" Photography Workshop by Vika Nightingale

On Monday I spent my day teaching a group of teenagers about photography at the National Centre for Craft and Design as part of a summer series of workshops with artists and designers. 

We covered artistic principles (such as composition, light, narration, etc.) as well as the technical aspects of cameras. A focus was also drawn towards mobile photography as a considerate medium of choice. Here are some of my images from the day:

The exhibition itself was inspiring for its glass work and intricate ideas. Amongst the favourites are: Luke Jerram and his homeless person out of glass; Jeffrey Sarmiento and Erin Dickson, and their "Emotional Leak"; and Claire Morgan with a suspended flies sculpture. 

...and kids' feedback: 

"Double Diamond" design process by Vika Nightingale

In October Near Now (design and technology commissioning, producing and development programme) with Snook (service design agency) put together a two-day workshop for a cohort of the MBA students from Loughborough University. 

The aim of the workshop was to implement various techniques from design practice to address issues in social care, civil engineering and finance. A prominent approach on the day was the Double Diamond process. 

I has been a pleasure to be taking part and be taking images of the event. Courtesy of Vika Nightingale.






Editor's Choice - Umoyr by Vika Nightingale

I decided to run a new feature, which would be focusing on the photography found on Instagram. The platform is filled with beautifully artistic work, and as much as Pinterest and other creative portfolio services offer a ripe selection, the skilful presentation and the hatshag routes on Instagram could be of joy. 

The evolving and ever-chaning work of Umoyr from Japan is dreamy and mysetrious.

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Getty Images Library Goes VR on Oculus Rift by Vika Nightingale

Faces of Nottingham by Vika Nightingale

Barney Melton and his father launched a book and an exhibition last week, cataloguing the current residents of Nottingham. All shots were made as either paper positives and tintypes on a large-format camera. Pleased to be part of this project.

Offsping Photomeet by Vika Nightingale


In March I was asked to support a wonderful event Offspring Photomeet, which provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work, get reviewed by professional editors and artists, meet new collaborators and learn. Photomeet is a great initiative by photography professionals in London to nurture links in the industry and beyond.  

Portfolio Reviewers:

Monica Allende photo editor Sunday Times Magazine / Simon Bainbridge editor British Journal of Photography / Tony Bell photo editor The Observer New Review / Helene Binet photographer / Emma Bowkett photo editor The FT Weekend Magazine / Giacomo Brunelli photographer / Polly Bradenphotographer / Tim Clark editor 1000 Words / Kate Edwards photo editor Guardian Weekend Magazine / George Georgiou photographer / Lydia Goldblatt photographer / Pal Hansen photographerEleanor Macnair Photography Communication Consultant / Mimi Mollica photographer / Johanna Neurath design director & commissioning editor Thames & Hudson / Laura Pannack photographer / Lou Siroy photo editor The Times / Frede Spencer director Twenty Twenty / Muir Vidler photographer

Afternoon Talks: 

SATURDAY - Brandei Estes, Deputy Director at Sotheby's & Helen Trompeteler , Associate Curator of Photographs at the NPG 

SUNDAY - Ken Flaherty, Founder of Doomed Gallery & Matt Martin, Founder Photocopy Club

Evening Photohub: 

George Georgiou's Last Stop official London launch.

Helen, Sun, Marley and me with  Giacomo Brunelli. Photo by Toby Brunt.

Helen, Sun, Marley and me with Giacomo Brunelli. Photo by Toby Brunt.

Gareth McConnell by Vika Nightingale