My Experience as Design and Communication Volunteer for Nottinghamshire National Trust by Vika Nightingale

Sharing my experience of being a Design and Communication Volunteer at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. 

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Augmented Reality in Mobile Applications and its Potential for User Engagement by Vika Nightingale

In my first conference talk, which happened in January 2016 at the Connected Communities Heritage Network. 

The research I presented was on the approaches to the user experience design using the study of the current Augmented Reality landscape as the focal point. This presentation was also about user-centred thinking, its challenges and further Research & Development opportunities within not only Augmented Reality but also the area of user experience itself. 

Connected Communities is a "cross-Research Council programme led by AHRC, designed to help us understand the changing nature of communities in their historical and cultural contexts and the role of communities in sustaining and enhancing our quality of life."

Video recording of the Connected Communities Heritage Network Symposium 2016.

Learning Python: user input and story-telling by Vika Nightingale

Today I completed my first assignment learning Python, which evolved around filling out the gaps in the story by prompting the user to contribute. 

"Double Diamond" design process by Vika Nightingale

In October Near Now (design and technology commissioning, producing and development programme) with Snook (service design agency) put together a two-day workshop for a cohort of the MBA students from Loughborough University. 

The aim of the workshop was to implement various techniques from design practice to address issues in social care, civil engineering and finance. A prominent approach on the day was the Double Diamond process. 

I has been a pleasure to be taking part and be taking images of the event. Courtesy of Vika Nightingale.






Expert Workshop on Creative Visiting by Vika Nightingale


It was been a pleasure to take part in a workshop on museum and gallery visiting empowered by technology and the concept of gift-giving. 

The workshop was led by Lesley Fosh 

a PhD candidate in the Mixed Reality Lab and Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Nottingham, whose research looks at the design of mobile visiting experiences for museums and art galleries ( both personalised and supportive of group visiting), combining human-computer interaction with museum studies.

Teamed with several arts and business professionals (the Creative Quarter, University of Nottingham, New Art Exchange, Nottingham Castle), various problem-solving, concept and business development activities constituted the day. 

"So I am waiting here... (down low)" by Vika Nightingale

The activity of looking back is hardly ever fruitless. Today I have discovered that once upon a time I was involved in music video. 

Ben Haynes - Waiting Here (Music Video by Media Arcade) Directed by Liam Joseph & Jonathan Terry, Cinematography by Alex Finlay, Filmed at The Bonnington Studios Nottingham Trent 2012.

Thanks to Media Arcade .

Faces of Nottingham by Vika Nightingale

Barney Melton and his father launched a book and an exhibition last week, cataloguing the current residents of Nottingham. All shots were made as either paper positives and tintypes on a large-format camera. Pleased to be part of this project.

Offsping Photomeet by Vika Nightingale


In March I was asked to support a wonderful event Offspring Photomeet, which provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work, get reviewed by professional editors and artists, meet new collaborators and learn. Photomeet is a great initiative by photography professionals in London to nurture links in the industry and beyond.  

Portfolio Reviewers:

Monica Allende photo editor Sunday Times Magazine / Simon Bainbridge editor British Journal of Photography / Tony Bell photo editor The Observer New Review / Helene Binet photographer / Emma Bowkett photo editor The FT Weekend Magazine / Giacomo Brunelli photographer / Polly Bradenphotographer / Tim Clark editor 1000 Words / Kate Edwards photo editor Guardian Weekend Magazine / George Georgiou photographer / Lydia Goldblatt photographer / Pal Hansen photographerEleanor Macnair Photography Communication Consultant / Mimi Mollica photographer / Johanna Neurath design director & commissioning editor Thames & Hudson / Laura Pannack photographer / Lou Siroy photo editor The Times / Frede Spencer director Twenty Twenty / Muir Vidler photographer

Afternoon Talks: 

SATURDAY - Brandei Estes, Deputy Director at Sotheby's & Helen Trompeteler , Associate Curator of Photographs at the NPG 

SUNDAY - Ken Flaherty, Founder of Doomed Gallery & Matt Martin, Founder Photocopy Club

Evening Photohub: 

George Georgiou's Last Stop official London launch.

Helen, Sun, Marley and me with  Giacomo Brunelli. Photo by Toby Brunt.

Helen, Sun, Marley and me with Giacomo Brunelli. Photo by Toby Brunt.