Offsping Photomeet / by Vika Nightingale


In March I was asked to support a wonderful event Offspring Photomeet, which provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work, get reviewed by professional editors and artists, meet new collaborators and learn. Photomeet is a great initiative by photography professionals in London to nurture links in the industry and beyond.  

Portfolio Reviewers:

Monica Allende photo editor Sunday Times Magazine / Simon Bainbridge editor British Journal of Photography / Tony Bell photo editor The Observer New Review / Helene Binet photographer / Emma Bowkett photo editor The FT Weekend Magazine / Giacomo Brunelli photographer / Polly Bradenphotographer / Tim Clark editor 1000 Words / Kate Edwards photo editor Guardian Weekend Magazine / George Georgiou photographer / Lydia Goldblatt photographer / Pal Hansen photographerEleanor Macnair Photography Communication Consultant / Mimi Mollica photographer / Johanna Neurath design director & commissioning editor Thames & Hudson / Laura Pannack photographer / Lou Siroy photo editor The Times / Frede Spencer director Twenty Twenty / Muir Vidler photographer

Afternoon Talks: 

SATURDAY - Brandei Estes, Deputy Director at Sotheby's & Helen Trompeteler , Associate Curator of Photographs at the NPG 

SUNDAY - Ken Flaherty, Founder of Doomed Gallery & Matt Martin, Founder Photocopy Club

Evening Photohub: 

George Georgiou's Last Stop official London launch.

Helen, Sun, Marley and me with  Giacomo Brunelli. Photo by Toby Brunt.

Helen, Sun, Marley and me with Giacomo Brunelli. Photo by Toby Brunt.

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