The Concerned - D&AD / by Vika Nightingale

AS attending the D&AD Judging Week 2015 this week was a joy, and I have a long-standing interest in communications in we are.

Volkswagen. Incredibly scary. Please do not mention the air bags. 

This advert reminds me of another 'Eyes on the Road" campaign for Chevrolet. See here. 

 Prince's Trust. No explanation required. 

St. John Ambulance. A different commercial was presented during the festival, with a mother trying to get into a swimming pool, where her child is drowning. Unfortunately for her, the surface of the pool turned into a solid barrier. 

In China someone is injured in a traffic accident every three minutes, and every ten minutes, someone dies as result of one. Pedestrians and drivers failing to acknowledge and obey traffic signs is key to these tragic statistics. Working with client Buick of Shanghai General Motors, Lowe China has created a road safety campaign to alert drivers about obeying traffic signs. Lowe contacted real accident victims and invited them to participate in our campaign by holding up traffic signs at the spots where their accidents actually happened.
— Lowe and Partners (